Welcome to our video about our new website reseller program. We've just had a chat about what you should look for in any partner from whom you choose to resell websites. We actually have a pretty new website design reseller program that we are pretty excited about because we provide our resellers with options, and lots of them. From templates to colors and cost, our resellers and their clients can choose. One really important tidbit about web design that often falls under the radar is having a smooth process that clearly defines the clients' requirements. With out this, you can end up with a really long, tiresome, confusing web design process that ultimately frustrates you and leaves a client unsatisfied. We are proud to say we have honed this process and are able to provide a simple, clearly defined process for clients. Listen to my chat with Chad below for more details on what are some key elements to look for when you want to resell web design or web development.


Hi, and welcome to our video on website design reseller program. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here as well.

Hey, good afternoon, Chad. We're talking about website reseller programs and particularly our website design reseller program. I'd like to pick your brain and hear off the top of your head what some of these outstanding features of our program are and why someone would consider moving their web dev out to us.

The first one that I'm really excited about Adam, is really the requirements definition part of the project. And what we've been trying to do with website designs from our experience is really get some structure around the definition of the requirements. That's where these projects go wrong is that from the very get-go you don't gather all the requirements.

So we're building a tool that will allow a reseller and their partner to go sit down with their client to resell website design and resell web development and basically spec out the website down to very specific content requirements and image requirements. But give them the option, if they don't quite know what needs to go in there, to basically add on that website reseller program so that we can have our design team or our content team fill it in for them.

That's interesting. So you're starting with perhaps the least sexiest part of why to join our website design reseller program. But it really is the most critical part for risk mitigation on your website design program and to deliver on time with a very attractive website that meets the client's needs. But let's talk a little bit about our attractive websites and the process our team is using to bring a new theme to the program per month, and some of the nitty gritty on why these guys would want to push the website design reseller program.

OK, so let's start with that then. So we're going to basically once a month create a new theme that has already been built to have all of the industry best practices of what a small business or even medium business lead generation oriented site needs to have.

So these are, you need to have a phone number on the website, you need to have a lead form, you need to have a call to action for content downloads like white papers or infographics. So all of that we're going to build in so that out of the box, without being able to make any mistakes, anyone who wants to resell websites and use the website design reseller program should be able to get a website that's going to get them all of the best practices that people are using today to have successful lead generation programs through their website design reseller program.

Cool. And this is is built on the WordPress platform for the website reseller. And we think it's very robust, has good integration with social and with the White Label Dashboard. I mean, we're pretty excited about the program. But what I think is interesting is when people call us--and we get these phone calls every day-- I want information on your website design reseller program. And they're asking, of course, how cheap can I make this? There's tremendous price pressure. Because we know how this works. We're the back office, the reseller partner organization is then putting their markup on it and wants to deliver a very good product, but at a reasonable price.

And so what we've been trying to figure out for our reseller partner team, those that want to resell website design and resell web development, is how can we squeeze out every bit of cost out of this process so that they can deliver this at a very competitive rate. And I think what we've come up with, Chad-- and I want to talk about this a little bit-- is a lot of that is in the communication and the consulting around how the website will look, and I don't like that or I want this different shade or I want this image to look a little different.

So one of the concepts that we want to introduce in this video series and then we hope to launch early in 2013 is the idea that you can deliver a very low cost website that looks very good. We think they're very attractive, they're full featured. But the way you've got to keep that cost low is by keeping us really truly in the back office and minimizing communication and consulting.

Now not everyone's going to find that attractive. So we want to make that an option, right Chad? Then we're thinking you can either have it or you can't. It's up to you.

Yeah, that's what I was saying earlier. As you go through and you define the website, it could be that someone comes and is working with us that's a great designer or a good copywriter, but not a good designer. And so we want to give you the ability to go pretty a la carte. Take a base product off the shelf and then you can add the options that you need so that you get the right help and end up with a website that again, as you said Adam, is really, really attractive, but it can hit your cost objective and keep it all in one place.

Right. So that a la carte strategy is what's got me so excited about our website reseller program. Because there'll be those guys who really want a bare bones, as low cost as possible. And there'll be those guys who need that consultative support.

So we hope you'll check it out. We'll be chatting about it a lot as we get closer to our launch. And thanks for watching.