How do you create a basic business plan for your SEO program? What do you look out for when creating a seo business plan? According to my partner Chad Hill, there are 5 primary components of a solid SEO business plan. You need market research and validation, product development, marketing and sales plan, operations plan, and a financial plan. At Semify, we allow our resellers to save a lot of time and money through our white label seo reseller program. A person who joins our reseller program gets our marketing and sales teams, sales collateral, a fully outsourced operations team, comprised of specialists in all the areas that you will be offering services. Watch the video to learn more about our program and how you can take advantage of it to create a productive business and get started on your seo business plans.


Chad: Hello. Welcome to our SEO Business Plan video. Adam, how are you doing today?

Adam: I am good, Chad. Good afternoon. We are talking about how to write a winning SEO business plan. There are a lot of risks inherent with starting any business, and the SEO industry is certainly full of confusions as well as opportunity. I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think the key points are to really be realistic, but aim for profits and income when you create business plan.

Chad: Absolutely. This is always fun, when you are in that business planning stage. I got 5 things that I wanted to talk about when you are building-out a business plan. First, we will just run through the list, and then we will go back and talk about how Semify can help you, especially when you are building-out that SEO business plan. I believe there are 5 parts. You need market research and validation, product development, marketing and sales plan, operations plan, and financial plan. Let us take those one at a time.

Market research and validation: One of the things that is really great about what we have been able to put together through our forums, webinars, and these video blogs that we have been doing, are that we have some great stats that we have put together that I think will help you launch right into what is the market out there for SEO services, and that I think really helps understand where the growth is and what sources people are asking for. From a product development standpoint, the Semify program that we have put together really will allow you to save a lot of time and money on figuring out what services people are looking for. We have crafted and evolved these service plans over the last couple of years, and I think that it allows someone entering this business, that is just in the business plan phase, to really jumpstart past years of trial and errors of trying to fit the right programs together and learning our lessons on, 'Do you bundle or not bundle?' and how that all works. That is a great advantage that we can bring to the table.

Marketing and sales, same idea. If you join our reseller program, you are going to get a course in addition to the dashboard, which is a great differentiator from the marketing and sales standpoint. You are going to get all of our predefined sales collateral off the shelf, that is very easy to take and private label for your brand and then tweak whatever way you want. Then from an operations standpoint, you cannot underestimate this. Really, one of the things you are getting with Semify is a fully outsourced operations team that is full of specialists in different areas that you will be offering services. It is very hard to . . . one of the biggest issues we talk about all the time, Adam, early in the business was how there is this step function where you want to bring in an expert in a certain service area, but to bring that person in, you are immediately going to be losing money on the person because you probably do not have a business there. One of the great things we can do is help you provide a more variable cost to specialize resources that can help you deliver certain types of work. That is critically important I think, and one of the main benefits of our reseller program.

Then from a financial standpoint, or really legal standpoint, we, I think, have also developed some best practices for contracting and SOWs, and how to do billing, that again, if you follow our lead on that, I think it will save you a lot of hassles and customer issues down the road.

Those are the five things I would look out when you are building-out an SEO business plan, and how Semify can help you with them.

Adam: Yes, those are solid. I think particularly, if you are in the business planning phase, you are obviously at the very beginning; you cannot achieve economy of scale so the Semify SEO Reseller Program helps you get there instantly because, in a co-op fashion, we are pooling all these resources together across lots of different resellers. I think going back to just getting off the launching pad, I know a lot of folks belabor the process of creating a basic business plan. If you are interested in entering the SEO market, I guess my advice would be you need a seo business plan. You should be doing these activities, and the 5 points Chad laid out are strong. I think too much analysis also leads to paralysis. Just like we have talked about in other tutorials, getting stuck on logo selection or business name selection, get focused on that sales and marketing piece right away. Get a client or two as fast as you can, even if your plan is not finalized, make it a work in progress. Put something to paper, but just draft it and treat it as a working document, and then get customers, because you need to have that revenue coming in to really have a business.

As you evolve through the sales process, you will come back to that plan informed with what they are asking about, what you are delivering, where the problems are, where things are working, and you will be able to make it better over time.

That is our tutorial on how to write the winning SEO business plan.

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