In this video we shed light on selecting the right PPC Reseller Program. PPC is actually a great place to start for people who are trying to wrap their head around what's happening in online marketing. So, today we talk about the high points of a white label ppc campaign and how to get your clients started.


Hello, and welcome to our video today. We'll be talking about PPC Reseller Programs. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me, as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. Talking about PPC Reseller is a good one. We spent a lot of time on SEO, but we know across our Semify community there's a lot of folks who maybe have a hard time retaining SEO customers, or trying to migrate people into online marketing, and I actually think SEO is a tough place to start. PPC is actually a better place to start for those who are just sort of trying to get out the Yellow Page mindset and try to get their arms around what's happening in online marketing.

So, I know a lot of folks, particularly in the web design world, maybe are a little afraid of taking on pay-per-click customers, and that's why this topic of what a PPC Reseller Program really entails is a great one today. Let's talk to our viewers and try to help them understand how they should shop for a PPC Reseller Program, what some of the high points are for getting pay-per-click running for your clients, and just how to get started.

Yeah. Great question. And this is a product that we've really have had as one of our founding products. We started with SEO, then pay-per-click and we've continued to evolve it over the years. But, let's talk about it for a minute. I think when you talk about hiring another agency to help you manage your customers paid search programs there's a couple things that are really Important.

And the first one is you want to make sure that the white label ppc team that you are putting on your project is properly trained and certified. At Semify, one of the things that we've done is we are both a Google AdWords certified company, as well as every one of our analysts who works on any paid search campaign is a Google AdWords certified individual. And this is actually not just as simple as just signing up and saying, hey, give me a little badge. There's actually some real training to this. Most of our analysts are given the first month to really spend reviewing and studying all of the AdWords curriculum that Google puts together, and then they have to pass that test within the first 30 days. So we know that just going into it that they're able to be certified by Google, which is an important thing.

Right. Right. I really like the certification process in the pay-per-click management world. It makes things much clearer than in SEO, where you don't really know if someone's an expert or not, and things are a little murky, and there's really no criteria. Here, Google has laid out what needs to happen, and they have to pass an exam, so it's sort of like a certified accountant you know if someone's with the right team. So, it's a great question to ask.

And the next one that's really important is really getting into the heart of actually managing your campaign. And that's really making sure there's a process for both setting and then tracking the goals that your client has from pay-per-click. Because it's one thing to say here's $500 or $5,000, spend it for me. And then there's another thing, which is making sure that your best spending that money to accomplish the objectives of the customer.

So at Semify we have two goals that all of our campaigns are focused on. One, and the one that we prefer the most, is a cost per conversion goal. And what that means is that we, upfront, say that for this $500 or $5,000, the client needs to see x number of either web leads or phone calls.

And then our analyst team does everything they can to optimize the campaign so they actually hit that goal. It may not happen in the first month, but we know that it's something that over the long run of optimization we're working towards that goal. And the cool thing is that sometimes, when we actually do hit that goal, you can actually make it a little harder on our analysts and get even better results over time. So being able to both, again, set those goals and then track them is critical to having a PPC Reseller Program.

I love this point. It's near and dear to my heart, having studied goal-setting, going back 20 years now to graduate school. But it's amazing to me, Chad, that people will wade into pay-per-click management, be out shopping for a private label PPC Reseller Program, and want to throw, oh, here's a thousand dollars of my client's money. I want to throw it over the fence at another agency to manage, but the goals are not defined or poorly defined. That's project management 101.

If you don't have a clear definition of success, the client will never be happy. So, I'm really proud of what we've done in our work over five years on this topic. I know we started this one pretty much day one at Semify. We need to nail these goals down to make sure the team is measured against them, make sure they're articulated clearly, everyone buys into them, and then work through those one at a time. It makes the project really work well. I like it.

Yeah, exactly. And actually, on that note, every one of our analysts, when they come into work every morning, they actually have a scorecard of how close they are to hitting both budget and then those conversion goals so that they're able to make sure that they know where the work needs to happen and where it doesn't. The second goal I didn't mention, and it's one that's important, but we, again, hope we don't spend a lot of time with this one, is a click goal. So, in that case, how can I most effectively spend the thousand dollars, or whatever that budget is, to get the most number of the most clicks to the website?

Now, the third thing that I think is really important to also mention is that, once you actually have the right team and you've set the right goals, you also need a methodology for actually ongoing optimization. And that's another thing we've done at Semify is every month, depending on the type of campaign that you're working with us on, we basically generate a set of tasks that every one of our analysts needs to make sure they go through. So it's a checklist, if you will, of a monthly optimization. Things like reviewing all ad copy, checking ad extensions, checking the match type on keywords, these are all things that are very important to the long run optimization of a paid search campaign when you're selecting a PPC Reseller.

Yeah, this is excellent stuff. So, well certified, well trained staff, clearly articulated goals, and then airtight workflow to make sure everybody's hitting their marks. I mean this sounds like Six Sigma black belt stuff here.

I'm pretty proud of it. I guess the last thing I would mention, Chad, is another thing you should be looking at when you're checking out PPC Reseller Programs is how well can they white label it. We know that's a big concern for a lot of folks, and, of course, our program is completely scrubbed of our name, so you can basically have these analysts acting on your behalf. And you can join phone calls. All the communications are managed through the system under your logo. So, that's another way to make outsourcing process real easy, or if you just want it for overflow, for PPC clients that you just don't have time to take.