Content Marketing services are an integral piece of a successful SEO program. Most of you, however, have probably found that it is no easy endeavor. Most businesses don't have the brand recognition that say, Apple or Toyota have. The things we write don't just "get discovered" and go viral quite as easily--we need to do a little more to prime the pump, so to speak. Learn how to market your content by watching the video below.


Hello, and welcome to our content marketing services video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me.

Good afternoon, Chad. We're talking about internet content marketing and online content marketing services, in particular it's an interesting topic in 2012 with the link building landscape changing so much with Penguin and Panda, the other Google updates. So I'd like to hear you talk about why you really need a content marketing service to market your content in your portfolio.

Great question. A couple things to get started before we go through a list of some of the things to look out for specifically. But just at a high level, one of the things that I think people don't really understand is that everyone thinks content is easy to create. But really, one of the things that we talk a lot about is that there's-- you can certainly write content. But if you don't know how to syndicate it correctly and you don't know how to earn those links back to your website, then it's sort of the field of dreams approach, where you can write it, but they may not find it or may not ever see it, and that includes Google for building links. So I think that one of the things that you really-- when you're looking at a content marketing services, you want to make sure that it goes beyond just simply writing the content. But how does this marketing content actually help your marketing, as you said, in the sort of 2000, moving into 2013? How is that going to help you with your online marketing efforts? And that seems a little contrary to Google's position that-- you hear it all the time. Content marketing is king. So if I just write some really excellent engaging content marketing services on my blog, when I just get subscribers, and that will actually syndicate itself, and, of course, backlinks will just appear.

Yeah, I think we know that that's not the case. That's certainly maybe the case with very well-known brands. I think pretty much anything Apple does or Google does, and there's certainly a lot more companies like that that have very strong brands with a lot of people following it, that their job in content marketing is simple.

And so a lot of times, we read about these guys who are doing SEO or acontent marketing service for these really massive brands, and it's not that hard. You basically have millions of followers, or at least hundreds of thousands of followers. And all you need to do is just give-- put content out there, put something on Twitter, and everyone's going to share it because you just have that following. Right. So there are people that leverage their brand equity. And really for them, it's about creativity and being unique and being funny. But, yeah, I think this is a good segue. The small businesses that we talk to every day are just simply frustrated that they can't get any airplay even when they do put a lot of time into their content. And I think that's where this pivots into looking into content marketing services that get you right over that hump, right?

Yeah, exactly. So let's talk about four things I think everyone should look at when they're evaluating content marketing services. The first one is really making sure that there's a research team that can get together and look at what your business does, what kind of keywords and topics are relevant to your business, and then coming up with interesting angles and facts to include in content that you might create. Because just going on and on about why you've been in business 30 years in your particular category isn't terribly interesting after a couple stories on that.

So the next thing is to really make sure that the team you have are good writers, and there's a lot of different kinds of writers out there. There's people that are great at writing press releases, people that are great at writing research reports. You want to find someone who knows how to take these interesting facts and angles and put them into interesting content that the audience is going to enjoy when they read. Because ultimately, you're trying to get someone to engage with your content marketing service and then come back to your website.

The next thing is, of course, once that content is created, it's that there is a process and a methodology for syndicating it. And that may include really looking at how you can use the content to earn links back to your website. So there needs to be a plan for what you do with it when it's done. And I think one of those parts-- and this is really the fourth component-- is thinking about how to share and spread that content virally to market your content, or at least using social media tools. And so that may be both people at the company as well as what other influencers out there might be willing to share or spread the news of your online marketing content that you've syndicated.

Cool. Those are great points. And I particularly like that last one because I think there's a big myth around things spreading virally. Not to say that things don't get picked up and shared and spread on their own, but people think that process is 100 organic.

And I think you and I both know someone has to prime the pump and get it started, and that starts with an initial effort. It has to be good content, but it has to get syndicated, and it has to get someone's attention. And then it can reproduce virally, but people I think have the misconception that they just write something great and, boom, out it goes. So those are excellent points, and that's the bottom line on content marketing services.