Getting comments on your blog might seem like a serious challenge, but if you know what you're doing, it's not so hard. Here are just a few tips to help.

Engage & Emote.

Comments are reactions. It sounds obvious, but it bears discussion, because if you want a reaction, you need to write something that warrants one. In order to get a reaction -- a comment -- from someone, you need to engage them, and move them. Make your writing as engaging as possible. You need to seize them, and not let go, which is easier said than done. Try making your writing cleaner, and more active. You also need to engage the readers emotionally as well. Think about the feeling of what your writing, and try to communicate that. Is your post inspiring? Sad? Righteously furious? Try to get that across.

Give to Receive.

You have to give to receive. If you want people to comment, you shouldn't think you're above commenting, either. Read some posts, leave your honest thoughts, and see what happens. The author and other viewers will see your comment, and if you have a good point, they'll go check out what you're doing, which increases your readership. Best of all, you can leave a link to one of your own posts if it relates to the blog, which can also help boost your site's Google ranking by creating a backlink.


Once your blog starts getting comments, you need to respond to them. No one likes to be ignored. Responding to comments on your own posts lets readers know that you care that they listened, and care enough to listen in turn. Engaging your audience this way will increase your comments, and create repeat visitors.

If you have any questions or know of any other ways to get comments, feel free to share.

By: Andrew Lindsay