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Semify's Influential Connections

A Moz.com study found that 77.8% of top search results had a link to the specific page that ranked-external links are almost always present for competitive searches. Links are indeed the most important factor for search rankings.

Great content on a website does not earn links. Sharing great content is a good start, but still, according to a Buzzsumo analysis, does not guarantee links. Social sharing does have benefits, but usually not the benefit of links.

This is where you need a white label SEO team with well-placed connections. This is what Semify has in our Featured News service. We have the connections to get your client's content, with a backlink to your client's website, placed on an independent news website or blog site.

Our publishing partners maintain full editorial control. Everything we do has to meet their standards and the standards of their readers. The link to the client's content is always at the discretion of the publishing partner.



Our independent publishing partners are community newspaper websites and bloggers that are based in locations throughout the United States. Our roster of Pub Partners is always growing.

The Linkable Asset

We write onsite blog posts that include facts used to support a Featured News story. We then link to those posts in an editorially-appropriate citation.

Content in Demand

Our publishing partners need creative headlines and unique content that won't be found anywhere else. They need it for their readers and they need it for their own SEO.

Socially Savvy

We coach our publishing partners on how to use social media to expose their content to a wider audience. Your clients benefit from that added exposure too.

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